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We Help You Design Your Own Engagement Ring & Bands

You and your partner are unique individuals, and your partnership is unlike any other on the planet. So why should you wear a cookie-cutter wedding ring? Our diamond ring design experts can help you create custom wedding bands for both you and your partner. From the metal and jewel to the setting, shape, size, and intricacies of the design, we can help bring your vision for unique weddings rings to life.

To get started, sketch out your ideas on paper. It doesn’t have to be a gorgeous work of art, as long as it gets your vision across. We’ll help you hone in on all the details, create our own custom drawing to make sure we see what you see, and then we’ll get to work! In the end, you’ll have truly unique wedding rings to remind you and your partner of the unique bond you share.

Do let us know your specific design requirements so that we can start. We would be happy to assist you in the process.

Browse Engagement & Wedding Rings Online

Another way to find the perfect jewelry for your beloved is to browse our collection of engagement and wedding rings. These rings are often vintage and in a style and quality that you can’t find elsewhere at such a great price. The big-box diamond stores will sell you “trending” wedding rings, but if you want a timeless classic, browse our collection of diamond rings online that showcase elegance without breaking the bank.

For unique and designer jewelry, shop now!

Unique Wedding Rings – Ready to Try On

If you live in the Chicago Heights, IL area, come stop by our jewelry pawn shop to try on the unique wedding rings, earrings and pendants currently available. And thanks to our expertise in jewelry design and repair, we can provide sizing assistance if your dream ring doesn’t give a perfect fit.

We get new rings all the time, so be sure to frequently check our online store or stop by our Chicago Heights location to see our collection in person.

For more information, give us a call at (708) 747-1171 or email us at shanespawnshop@gmail.com