Getting the most for your gold requires you to be a better informed consumer. Beware of hotel buyers and cash for gold mail in offers. Don’t LOSE money on your gold!

There are very few licensed Precious Metal Dealers in the South Suburban area. Licensed precious metal buyers require extensive record keeping and police reporting. They are also required to hold the merchandise for a set period of time. Now, because of high gold prices, many out of town companies are setting up gold buying events in hotels and new companies offer you cash if you ship them your gold. However, these offers are not as good as they seem. There are some things you should know about these practices:

Hotel Events:

  • Quote you low-ball offers because of costly advertising
  • Count on you not having shopped around to find the best offer on your merchandise
  • No holding period or police reports

Cash for Gold Mail-in Offers:

  • You don’t know who you are selling your gold to
  • Count on you taking any offer they give, no matter how low
  • If your shipment is lost, tracking down lost shipments is on YOU
  • Could take months to track down lost merchandise
  • Wait for your check
  • We pay cash on the spot

Here’s our offer:

Bring in your broken or unwanted jewelry to Shane’s- The Pawn Shop after you take it to other gold buyers. Shane’s will provide our best offer on your merchandise. You don’t have to settle for that low-ball offer or wait for your check in the mail. Come and see what Shane’s team can do for you!