Our loyalty doesn’t end at your purchase. Shane’s Pawnshop recognizes the relationship we have with our customers is indelible. We offer these following services to make your experience as smooth and easy as possible.

10-day Returns

Items may be returned within 10 business days of receiving your package. Saturdays, Sundays, and federal holidays do not count!

Free Shipping

Your order will come with a return label in the box. If you wish to return the item you purchased, simply pack your item into a box, affix the return label to the box, drop-off the package at any USPS Office location.

Secure Shipping and Returns

The return label provided with your order provides full insurance coverage for your return package.

Condition: Returned item(s) must be undamaged, unmodified,and in the original condition in which it was received to be accepted for a refund of the original purchase cost, minus a 10% restocking fee.

Lifetime Seller’s Warranty

We stand behind the products we sell and warrant that all items will be free from manufacturing defects for the entire lifetime of the products. If you believe your item has a manufacturing defect, you may return it to us for inspection. If your merchandise is determined to have damage resulting from a manufacturing defect, we will repair the merchandise or, replace the item, if deemed appropriate. If the item is not still available, Shane’s Pawnshop may, in its discretion, replace it with like-kind or allow a refund equal to the selling price of the original item.

If we determine that the damage is not caused by a manufacturing defect, then we will notify you and let you know if repair services are available at Shane’s Pawnshop’s cost, or otherwise.

Conditions and Exclusions

The foregoing Seller Warranty is available only to the individual who purchased the covered product from the Shane’s Pawnshop Webstore.
Maintenance, repairs, sizing, or other service(s) performed by someone other than Shane’s Pawnshop will void Seller’s warranty.

In everyday or common use, jewelry may be subject to normal wear, activities, and/or damage. This is especially true for rings and bracelets since hands and wrists are subjected to frequent impacts and abuse. We do not provide warranties for damage due to normal wear, product loss, loss of stones or theft. Damage or loss that results from failure to obtain repairs necessary to maintain the integrity of the product are also not covered.

Some examples of common jewelry issues that will not be considered manufacturing defects include:

  • Discoloration due to exposure to chemicals, make-up, swimming pools, hot tubs, bathing, or cologne.
  • Naturally occurring wear on prongs or precious metals that requires re-building or restoration. “Rebuilding” refers to the “building up” of precious metals to repair damage or erosion to prongs that hold gemstones in place.
  • Bent, caught, worn out, or otherwise damaged prong(s) allowing a stone to fall out or be lost due to normal wear or other damage.
  • Lost stone(s) or a stone(s) has fallen out due to damage like chipping or breaking caused by normal wear or other damage.
Free Shipping On Orders $250+ And Free Returns