Well I went directly to Shane’s Pawn Shop after leaving her establishment and found out that what she said was true. For what the other place wanted to give me $700, Shane’s gave me $1054.00. I also threw in another little bracelet that I found at the back of my armoire and was floored when it brought my total up to $1,400. I couldn’t believe it. I went home and found an additional $725 worth of gold for a grand total of $2,100. Pretty good for stuff that you really forgot you had huh???

Not only was I impressed with the percentage that I received, I was also very impressed with their Referral Program. The person who referred me got $100 just for bringing me in. Well I’m the type that when I find a good thing, I share it with others. So I started telling all my family and friends. You got old or new gold that you’re not wearing take it to Shanes Pawn Shop in Chicago Heights. Well my sharing has paid off to the tune of about $700 in just referrals alone.

So I encourage you also to visit Shane’s Pawn Shop, they really don’t disappoint.

– Verdell Williams

Another happy customer of:

Shane’s – The Pawn Shop, Inc

413 W. Lincoln Hwy
Chicago Heights, IL 60411
(708) 747-1171
E-mail: Shane’s Pawn Shop



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